iPhone Slots - where fantasy, fun and winning opportunities meet

There are numerous ways you can go about winning money with a mobile casino. There are plenty of games that you can download and you also have the option of winning rewards, and receiving bonuses. Of all the games you can choose to play slots are perhaps the easiest and require no skill level whatsoever.

iPhone Casinos ensure that this doesn't get boring by offering a large variety of slots that you can play. You can choose from the classic slots, which involves the fruit machine types, which are three reel or five reel games. Then you get the progressive slots. These offer you a huge jackpot due to the fact that they accumulate cash all the time from every single player who uses the same gaming software. Your all-time favourite progressive slots, include Major Millions with comic, military symbols, and Mega Moolah, which has an animal theme.

Then you get video slots. These offer you the chance to play slots on 15 or so pay lines with usually five reels. The most popular of these includes Tomb Raider, where you help Lara Croft to find hidden treasures and idols, and thunderstruck, which is themed accordingly with the Norse God Thor.

All of the slots games offer you bonus rounds and various symbols which mean different things. For example, there is a multiplier symbol which gives you more money. There there is a scatter symbol, a wild symbol, and more. Sometimes when you get a certain combination of symbols, you will move onto a bonus round, where you could earn free spins.

The bonus rounds, sometimes include guessing a colour or number of card and if you get this correct, you can triple your winnings. Some games offer two bonus rounds like the Mermaids Millions game. Winning on the slots is all about luck, but it is great fun and easy to play on the go.

When you are taking public transport, waiting for a meeting or even watching TV, you can be playing the slots and winning jackpots, all at the same time. Each slots game has different pay lines and combinations of symbols that you can learn by playing for free, the first couple of times. Once you get the hang of it and understand how it works, you can start playing for real money and win big.